Why Cleanload Nexus?

Cleanload Nexus - The Closed Transfer Coupler for easyconnect caps

Discover The Features & Benefits

Easyconnect caps will become the industry standard for Europe. Cleanload Nexus is the first compatible coupler. It’s already been tested alongside easyconnect caps by a large group of European farmers using all types of agrochemicals. Install a Cleanload Nexus now and you’ll be ready to enjoy all the advantages of a fully closed transfer system.


Reduced Contamination

Using the easyconnect cap with a Cleanload Nexus Coupler allows the agrochemical container to be opened and closed in a completely sealed system. It eliminates the risk of splashing and spilling chemical onto the operator or the ground during loading.

cleanload Nexus COUPLER

fast emptying

The easyconnect cap does not need to be unsrewed, just flip the dust cap and place the container onto Cleanload Nexus. 

It is secured and emptied with a simple turn of the  handle. The contents are discharged as fast as manual pouring, even with the thickest agrochemical formulations.




Two forceful rinse jets target the sides, neck and base of the container. 
By rotating the container and pulsing the rinse valve, even the stickiest chemicals can be cleaned.

cleanload nexus COUPLER


Partial emptying is possible using a new ‘upside down’ scale that will be moulded into the easyconnect containers.

For quantities less than 1 litre there is a calibrated scale on the exit hose or alternatively an in-line measuring assembly will be available as an accessory.

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