Questions regarding the Closed Transfer Coupler


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Pentair’s Cleanload Nexus Coupler.

Only containers that have been factory-fitted with an easyconnect cap are suitable for connecting to Cleanload Nexus.

Easyconnect caps will be fitted to 1, 3, 5, 10 and 15 litre containers which have an industry standard IS 63 neck. Adama, BASF, Bayer, Belchim, Certis, Corteva, FMC, Nufarm, Rovensa, Syngenta and UPL all have plans to fit easyconnect caps and other manufacturers are evaluating it. So you can expect a steady increase in the number of agrochemical products that are equipped with an easyconnect cap over the coming 2-3 years.

No. All you need is a container that has been factory-fitted with an easyconnect cap. No additional adapter is needed offering maximum convenience. The easyconnect cap does not even need to be unscrewed, just remove the dust cap and place onto the Cleanload Nexus, easy and much safer.

Cleanload Nexus will securely reseal the easyconnect cap after partial emptying and the contents can then be re-used when needed.

Almost all containers that are fitted with easyconnect caps are expected to be translucent and equipped with an inverted scale on the bottle. Smaller volumes can be more accurately measured using a scale on the suction hose which is divided into 25 ml sections.

Additional measuring options are also in development by Pentair.

Cleanload Nexus will be available from mid 2022 so ask your sprayer dealer or sprayer parts distributor about it or contact one of Pentair’s regional distributors. We expect demand to coincide with the availability of easyconnect packaging in different markets, to track this please see easyconnect.tech

Please ask your sprayer dealer or sprayer parts distributor for information on price, fitting requirements and the extra components that may be needed.

The mounting bracket (supplied) must be securely fixed either on or off the sprayer so that the operating handle can be easily turned. Cleanload Nexus requires a space of approximately 0.5 m3 to allow for the coupler as well as container and the handle rotation. When mounted, the operating handle should not be any higher than 130 cm from the ground. 

A hose is provided to connect to the sprayer suction (minimum -0.4 bar), this can be achieved by teeing into the hose that draws from the existing induction bowl. A check valve is required (not supplied) to prevent any risk of flow back into the Cleanload Nexus. It is recommended that there is no shut off valve between the sprayer tank and the Cleanload Nexus to eliminate any risk of rinsing when the suction line is closed off.

A hose is also provided to connect to a clean rinse water source (optimum between 3.5 and 7.0 bar). 

Cleanload Nexus can either be permanently installed onto the sprayer or connected only when it is needed for filling using dry break couplings (not supplied).

The Operating and Installation Manual shows the components that you will receive in the box when you purchase your Cleanload Nexus. Refer to the plumbing diagrams which indicate the additional components that are needed. Please contact your sprayer dealer or sprayer parts distributor for advice on the parts and kits that are suitable for different sprayers and set ups.

Cleanload Nexus is exposed to concentrated agrochemical formulations so it is vitally important that it is cleaned according to the instructions after each use.

Annual maintenance carried out by a Pentair trained individual is required. All of the maintenance requirements are summarised in the Operating and Installation ManualTraining on the installation, use, service and maintenance of Cleanload Nexus is all available online.

Training is available to any individual who would like to register on Pentair’s Cleanload Nexus training portal. Different courses in installation, operation and maintenance are available depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

Professional individuals who would like to offer an installation and maintenance service to others can complete the training courses and then apply to Pentair to be included on our database of installer and/or service providers.

You should always satisfy yourself of the credentials and experience of an installer or service agent before using their services.

More than 100 prototypes of Cleanload Nexus have been tested with easyconnect cap prototypes by pilot farmers over the last 3 years in different European countries. As well as practical use in the field, the system has been thoroughly tested for performance and safety to the ISO 21191 standard and for durability in life-testing in Pentair engineering labs.

Cleanload Nexus and easyconnect caps have been submitted to JKI for testing and approval.

This testing has given the agrochemical industry the confidence to proceed to introduce easyconnect caps onto their products.

Details of the limited warranty that is offered by Pentair can be found in the Operating and Installation Manual. If you have a warranty claim please always address it to the company that you purchased your  Cleanload Nexus from.


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