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Cleanload Nexus - The Closed Transfer Coupler for easyconnect caps


Using Cleanload Nexus and easyconnect caps creates a a closed transfer system (CTS) that makes filling your sprayer faster, easier and safer.

The closed transfer system consists of a unique easyconnect cap that is pre-fitted onto agrochemcial containers during their manufacture – and a the Cleanload Nexus coupler that connects to the sprayer suction.

Easyconnect caps will be supported by a large number of crop protection manufacturers, so you can enjoy the benefits across a wide range of products that you use.


Learn more about Cleanload Nexus Coupler and how to get the best out of it.

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Information on what is
provided, and installation considerations.

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Benefits of closed transfer with Cleanload Nexus and easyconnect caps

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How to keep
Cleanload Nexus performing well year after year.

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